Mercy (Mercy #1)


By: Rebecca Lim

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

Review:Elite Award

Mercy is an exiled angel without memory of who she is or what crime she has committed. She is destined to inhabit the lives and bodies of human after human and the only hope for an end to all of this is Luc. He comes to her in dreams and reminds her to not give up, she is loved, and beware of the eight who search her out.

Mercy wakes up on a bus as Carmen Zappocosta, an awkward girl with the voice of an angel and no friends. Ryan is an eighteen year old boy tormented by the loss of his twin sister. When their worlds collide, Mercy begins to find herself drawn to him and his search for his sister.

I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end! Mercy is on a quest to learn who she is as the reader does. She is very strong and a bit brash, but she is also learning to find compassion for her “host”. In Mercy’s short time as Carmen, she struggles to find the balance between helping Carmen and interfering without losing herself. She struggles with her new feelings for Ryan while knowing that she belongs with Luc. Lim does an excellent job of creating Mercy’s voice and really brings the reader into her mind and world. Couldn’t put it down. Well done Rebecca Lim!

5 wings

About the Author:

limRebecca Lim is a writer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. She worked as a commercial lawyer for several years before leaving to write full time. Rebecca is the author of sixteen books for children and young adult readers. An Aurealis Awards finalist, Rebecca’s work has been longlisted for the Davitt Award for YA, the Gold Inky Award, the David Gemmell Legend Award and the CBCA Book of the Year Award for Older Readers. Her novels have been translated into German, French, Turkish, Portuguese and Polish.

Where to find your copy:

Amazon    Barnes & Noble

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