Insurgent (Divergent #2)


by: Veronica Roth

Genre: Fiction, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Romance

Review: The city is at war and Dauntless needs allies if they are ever going to defend its people from Erudite and Dauntless traitors. Tris is forced to make difficult decisions. She lies and keeps secrets from Four and it’s tearing them apart. She’s losing her friendship with Christina and is haunted by nightmares of her parents and Will. How can she help save the ones she loves when she has little will left to live?

This book starts off right where the story ended in Divergent, so if it’s been a while, you’ll want to brush up a bit. Facing war is hard enough, but it’s proving to be near impossible when your tortured by guilt and have little will to live. Roth knows her characters well.  I really enjoy the realism of Tris’ depression and how she’s almost unaware of it’s severity. She feels responsible for the deaths of her parents and Will and fears that her friends will as well. Her judgement is clouded by her guilt and almost costs her her life.

Roth doesn’t fail to keep that edge of the seat feeling from the first book. And now that I’ve picked my chin up off the floor, maybe I can read Allegiant!

5 wings


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