A Sister’s Promise

by: Renita D’Silva Genre: Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Heartwarming Review: Sharda and Puja are sisters and best friends. Sharda the sensible, intelligent, responsible, and Puja, the free-spirited, beautiful, fun-loving. Their bond is so close that neither of them can imagine anything separating them. But that’s what secrets do. What an utterly beautiful story written with elegance. …

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The Fourth Rule

By: Douglass Seaver Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense,Thriller Review: Mark served as a Green Beret in Vietnam and shortly after returning, disappears. His younger brother, Matthew, admits to having spent time with him after his return, but claims to know nothing of his disappearance. Twenty-two years later, rogue CIA agent, Jack Straw, is on the hunt …

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