Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister


by: Gregory Maguire

Genre: Fiction, Fairytale

Review: This book is the corrected story of Cinderella from the perspective of one of her stepsisters. Iris and Ruth flee England with their mother to Holland after their father is murdered. They find their way into the home and eventually part of the van den Meer family, stepsisters to Clara. Clara is the unnaturally beautiful child who is as fearful as she is beautiful. This is a story of coming of age, questionable magic, art, beauty, murder, and unkindness.

The best way for me to describe this book would be to say that it is strange, yet moderately charming. It was an awkward read to start with, but the style either softened or I adapted to it, I’m not quite sure. It wasn’t until after the first third of the book before I really started having the desire to complete it, but now that I have finished, I’m glad that I did. In the end, it’s a cute story, but nothing magnificent.

3 wings


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