Muse (Mercy #3)


by: Rebecca Lim

Genre: Fantasy, Angels, Young Adult, Romance

Review: We leave Mercy in Exile dead on the cafe floor still in the body of Lela. As Lela’s spirit begins to move on, Mercy is still entangled. She races to find the knot that binds their souls together and when freed only awakens to find herself thrown into the life of another human.

Irina is a super model with a busy life full of drugs, fittings, makeup, and perfection. Wounded by the guilt of causing Lela’s death, Mercy desperately tries to balance her desperate search for herself while saving Irina from herself. Mercy begins to doubt Luc’s motives and clings to Ryan, knowing that he is the key to finding the truth. Something big is coming and Mercy is at the heart of it all.

Another Mercy book, love it! Mercy’s strength and knowledge are growing as well as her power and how to control it. This is definitely the most exciting of the Mercy books thus far. Her life is spinning out of control and with more supernatural beings coming onto the scene, only chaos and destruction can ensue as the two worlds collide.

Lim does an amazing job spicing thing up both with action and love.

5 wings


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