When you’ve really gotta go

So my hubby and I went on a date last night. Nothing extravagant, just dinner at a small restaurant in the shopping centre and a neck and shoulder rub at one of the massage places. Given the fact that I’m basically a bookoholic, I couldn’t just pass by Collins bookshops. I mean that would just be a wasted trip, right? So hubby indulged me and browsed while I rummaged through the bargain bin knowing full well that I couldn’t get anything 😔 .  While I’m picking out my 6 books for $25, that I’m not going to get, my phone blings. It a text message from the far off land of “The Other Side of the Bookstore”. Hubby found the book that no one living in, visiting, or plans to visit Australia should be without. 

I’m not sure who thought that tourists come to the land down under to “explore toilets”, but hey, as my mother always says, “it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round”.


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