Sick as a Dog

Sick Dog

I’m still sick! This is just absolutely ridiculous. It’s been several days now and I can’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel here. Oh well, it can’t last forever, right? So what am I doing with my sick time you ask?

Well, being a mom has it’s never ending priviledge of playing referee. With three kids too close in age (12, 12, and 13), someone is always getting on someone else’s nerves. You know what they say… three’s a crowd. Totally true.

Now, since I don’t work (hahaha, we all know that’s not true)… Ok, since I don’t have a traditional job, you know, one that pays, I’m in charge of housework, gobs of laundry (7 people in our home!), and cooking. Hubby pitches in as he can, but he works hard and travels far to provide for our family, so he isn’t able to help out as much as he’d like. The kids help some, but helping isn’t always really helpful if you know what I mean.

And of course there is my new adventure in blogging…

So, as you can see, although I feel like death, life doesn’t stop. Kids still argue, messes are still made, loved ones still need to eat, and laundry keeps piling. So here’s to all of you moms out there who aren’t quite sure what a sick day is!

Cheers 🙂


9 thoughts on “Sick as a Dog

      1. Jewel

        I love it here. I’ve lived all over America, but this was by far the “grandest” move! Everyone should take a trip to the “Land Down Under” at least once it their lives. I’m going to start a photography page soon. You’ll have to take a peek when I get them up 😘

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  1. Steve

    I’d like to say a word as “the hubby.” I am absolutely amazed at how you have pushed through during times of stress, sickness and generally difficult times. I admire you very much and am honoured to call you my best friend and wife. Better times are coming. Hang in there.

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