Blogger Recognition Award

A special thanks to Nhi at Book is Glee for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! If you’re not already following her blog and you enjoy YA, hurry on over!

If you are nominated, you have to…

BR_Award 1) Nominated 15 other bloggers that you want to give the award to. Do some research, or check your “Blogs I Follow”. Go out there and find the blogs! Remember, you cannot nominate yourself or the person who nominated you. 2) Show off your award! Write a small post about how your blog was brought into action and a piece or two of advice for other bloggers out there. And don’t forget to share that cool, fancy picture. *point over* 3) Comment on each blog. Let the nominators know they were nominated. 4) Provide a link to the original post at Edge of Night so others can find the original award.

A Little About Jewels Eclectic Books

I homeschool three of my six wonderful kids. As part of their education they have a required hour of reading per day. In an effort to help build their writing and communication skills, I also assigned them the task of reviewing their books on our local library blog. It was actually my daughter’s idea to start a blog and in helping her I fell in love with the idea. 

I just recently started my blog and it mostly consists of book reviews, but am planning on adding more categories. I’ve gotten another blog for photography opened, but haven’t added anything to it yet. Be watching for the “Jewels Eclectic Photos” link coming soon!

My Inexperienced Advice

  1. Jump in head first. It’s not an empty swimming pool and you won’t get hurt.
  2. Make friends with other bloggers. I’ve found that when you’re nice and support other blogs, they will do the same for you. Its not a competition, it’s a community!
  3. Use social media to connect with readers and bloggers. I use Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin’, and plan to try out Pinterest and YouTube!
  4. Be creative. and most of all… HAVE FUN! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t put too much pressure to make your blog an overnight success. Have fun with it and others will have fun following you 🙂

And the Nominees Are…

  1. Steve @ Life is a Cuppa
  2. Teens and Tweens Book Club
  3. John @ Whatever
  4. Biblioklept
  5. The October’s Cat
  6. Books and Lesser Evils
  7. Sydney @ Books and Stuff
  8. Book Nerd Kels
  9. Heather @ bitsnbooks
  10. BookPeople’s Blog
  11. awayinneverland
  12. Partners in Books
  13. Country Girl Em
  14. Tiffany @ Three Rivers Deep Series


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