Special Delivery!


When the doorbell rang this morning, I was forced to answer in my bathrobe :/  When I got to the door, I found the postie re-entering his van and a small package laying on the ground at my front door. Oooo! Package for me! Addressed to my pen name (and new nickname)! I know what this is. I entered an online giveaway hosted by John at The Last Word Book Reviews and was informed several weeks ago that I had won. Now maybe that’s not a big deal to you. Maybe you’re one of those people who win at everything. I most definitely don’t fall into that category. Although I would say that my life is very blessed, I’m certainly not lucky. In fact, I don’t remember ever winning anything in my life.

Now, winning in of itself is exciting to me, but winning a book that I’ve been looking forward to reading is even better! After weeks of waiting, I had almost gave up on it’s arrival and almost went and bought it. (I’m terribly impatient. Ask my hubby.) I guess what ‘they’ say is correct (whoever ‘they’ are) and good things do happen to those who wait… and sometimes you get a little more than what you hoped for!


Thank you to John, Penguin Random House UK, and Sharon Bolton! Can’t wait to dig in!


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