Cloudwish – ARC in August #5 (Elite Winner!)

by: Fiona Wood Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Women’s Fiction Publish Date: 1 September 2015 Review:  Cloudwish is a treasure! The life as a teenager is rarely simple, however Van Uok’s might be a little more complicated than most. Her parents came to Australia as asylum seekers from Vietnam and are determined for her to achieve … More Cloudwish – ARC in August #5 (Elite Winner!)

Double Take

                 I recently took the bus into Dandenong to “hire a car” (rent) and saw the building above on the left. I later did a little research and found out that it’s Dandenong Town Hall. I got instant de ja vu and Googled pictures of Town Hall in … More Double Take

Bottle Shop

Bottle Shop definition: Liquor Store I’ve been living in Australia now since October of 2014 and to date I have yet to see a drive thru bank or pharmacy (chemist), however, we do have drive thru bottle shops. Drive in, place your order, and pop the boot (trunk)! Aussies take their beer seriously 🙂 Now … More Bottle Shop