What I’ve Learnt About Effectively Sharing Blog Posts & Links

Twitter is BIG! I wasn’t using Twitter to it’s full capabilities like tagging retweeters and using #’s, but over the past week I have stopped using Twitter and have seen my numbers drop to less than half what they were! Time to step things up a notch! Thank you for your tips, Jenny :*

Jenny in Neverland

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about mistakes I made when I started blogging. One point I mentioned was that I didn’t share my blog posts and links and when I did, I clearly wasn’t doing it right because for the first six months or so, my stats were pretty shocking.

sharing good

Now I know it’s not all about numbers and to be frank, my stats still aren’t actually that great but I seem to have got the hang of effectively sharing my blog posts to the right sort of audience to grow my following, gain loyal readers and encourage interaction on my blog posts. I started thinking about what I was doing (or rather not doing) back then compared to now and composed a little list of things that I’ve personally found helpful and beneficial to sharing my blog posts. I can’t guarantee that all of these will…

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