Half Empty or Half Full


As some of you know, I homeschool my children. Today we had a writing assignment to write an essay explaining how disappointments can have a good side. My daughter is planning her’s on her blog and I thought that I might share mine as well. I hope that you are encouraged!

Half Empty or Half Full

We’ve all heard the old sayings “Is the glass half empty or half full?” and “every cloud has a silver lining”. These are meant to teach us about perspective. Are you going to be excited about getting a glass of water that is filled all the way to the halfway mark or are you going to complain about the fact that it could have been filled to the top and how much you’re missing out on? Are you going to view the cloud in sky and long to see the sun that it is blocking or are you going to see beauty of the golden hues that escape from the borders of the cloud?

Having children, I am constantly at battle with this. But let’s face it, we all complain. I think that many of us suffer from what I call “instant gratification syndrome”. We want what we want, when we want it and if it doesn’t happen we find issue with that. Blame it on society, blame it on technology. But the simple fact is that we are selfish beings by nature and that nature needs to grow to maturity.

Stress can cause many health problems in us wingers: high blood pressure, headaches, stomach ulcers and other digestive issues, depressions, anxiety disorder, and many many more. The medical community has even recognised significant changes in patient’s health with positive attitude. Cancer patients have a much higher chance of survival when they do visualisation exercises of their bodies being healed. Surgical patients heal faster with visits from loved ones. High blood pressure is often improved with yoga and relaxation techniques.

Having a good attitude is not about circumstances. It’s about perspective. I challenge you to go through your day and face every difficulty and try to find something positive from it. Flat tyre?  Could have been two! At least you have a car! Credit cards maxed? This is an opportunity for you to learn how to better manage your money! Have the flu? An opportunity for you to get the rest that your body badly needs or maybe it could be time to take out and enjoy a good book. Or how about some more difficult challenges. Chronic illness? This is your opportunity to show the world how strong you are! It’s also an opportunity to be able to sympathise with others facing challenges or meet your new best friend in a support group. Or how about even worse. How about terminal cancer? You have no excuses left. Live life to the full. Love your best and teach others to enjoy what they have as you enjoy the little you have left.

I can’t say that I’m always the best at this and, no, I haven’t faced all of these challenges. But I can speak from experience as we all can. We all face challenges, both big and small, every day, but the real challenge is our perspective. Live life like it’s half full because really, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, it is!


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