Is Twitter Really Worth My Time?

  I recently posted that I was going to start using Twitter again because I had seen such a drastic drop in my numbers. Keep in mind that my numbers are low in general since I’m still a new blogger, but I thought this may be interesting to some of my fellow newbies. July 31st- August 2nd are after not using Twitter for about a week. As of August 3rd, there is a dramatic jump THE DAY that I started back up.  Social media combined with regular posting makes a huge difference. I haven’t seen much of a change using Facebook or Bloglovin (in fact my numbers plain suck there), but Twitter has been an amazing tool for me.

Basic Twitter do’s: Play nice: follow people back and retweet interesting posts that others put up.

Share: tag authors with positive reviews and use #’s Picture perfect: put up a fun picture of yourself in your profile. Your friendly face is unique and upload a picture for each post. It draws attention. I often just scroll through my feed looking for photos that catch my eye.

Have fun: Use a little personality in your posts. There’s a reason why TV commercials use larger than life characters, humour, and catchy jingles. It draws you in and gives them a way to stand out and be remembered.

Hope this little snippet helps. Happy tweeting…and don’t forget to look me up while you’re there! @eclectic_books


2 thoughts on “Is Twitter Really Worth My Time?

  1. This is an interesting post, I’ve been wanting more people checking out my blog and instagram. I was thinking of doing a twitter but then I was like maybe I should build up my following on both of these before venturing out into twitter.

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    1. I’ve found that it’s very easy to get people to follow you on Twitter and it will bring traffic to you blog and instagram. People go on there to see and be seen. Follow lots of people with similar interests and they’ll follow you back. Some will go to your sites and many will retweet your posts to help you gain more of an audience. I don’t view it as another account to build, but instead it’s been a tool to build the ones that I’ve got. My advice would be to give it a week and see what happens. You can always stop tweeting and let the account just sit until you’re ready to pick it up again!


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