The End

the end

It’s time to put your dancing shoes on and shake your bootie! Although it may seem as if I’ve been lazy and not reading/reviewing much these day, well, I guess you’re half right. My reading has been on a slow simmer over the past month or so now as I got my children’s book, My Brother’s Name is Masen, published and ,more recently, as I was nearing the end of my first draft of “Almana”. Well… drumroll please…. I am pleased to announce that yesterday Almana’s story finally came to an exciting close (well, until book 2 at least)!

Excuse me while I get my groove on!

happy dance

A short blurb about “Almana”:

“Almana” a young adult/new adult novel about an angel that leaves heaven to help the destined 17 year old Alexa save mankind after the 3rd world war all but destroys the world and heaven with it. It’s about friendship, love, jealousy, and risking it all.

If you’re into YA and paranormal, especially angels, and would like to review an ARC, please email me at I’m guessing it will be available as an ARC sometime in December.


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