Elite of 2015


Elite Award


Happy New Year to my blog friends! 2015 was a good reading and writing year. If you follow my blog fairly regularly, you are aware of my Elite Award. Sometimes there are books that just hit you. I mean, there are great books that you would qualify as a “five star”, but there are those that you just REALLY love and hold a special place on your shelf. Hence, the Elite Award. So one last hoorah for the Elite reads of 2015…

Mercy (books 1-4)

by Rebecca Lim

Mercy is an exiled angel without memory of who she is or what crime she has committed. She is destined to inhabit the lives and bodies of human after human and the only hope for an end to all of this is Luc. He comes to her in dreams and reminds her to not give up, she is loved, and beware of the eight who search her out.



Divergent (series)

by: Veronica Roth

Beatrice is 16 and it’s time for her to choose where she belongs. Should she remain in Abnegation with her family and live a selfless life or leave them forever to join another faction. Her placement test results reveal that she doesn’t belong in any specific faction, but multiple. This means that she is Divergent. She doesn’t conform to any one of the five factions and her life is in danger because of it.


A Sister’s Promise

by Renita D’Silva

Sharda and Puja are sisters and best friends. Sharda the sensible, intelligent, responsible, and Puja, the free-spirited, beautiful, fun-loving. Their bond is so close that neither of them can imagine anything separating them. But that’s what secrets do.

miss wrong

Miss Wrong and Mr. Right

by Robert Bryndza

After ditching her fiance at the altar at the age of nineteen, Natalie Love finds herself fifteen years later still single, but with a hot yoga instructor boyfriend, great friends, and a perfect career as the manager of a successful London theatre. But when her ex-fiance shows up to open a new theatre across the street and the famous heartthrob American actor, Ryan Harrison, takes notice of her, Natalie can’t help but start questioning what could have been and what might be. It’s a story of a woman who, in almost losing everything that matters to her, finds contentment in being herself. A wonderful message.



by Rebecca Lim

Sophie Teague doesn’t fit in. Not at her old school, nor at the new one, which she started when her parents died in a freak motorbike accident. She lives with her gran in a rundown pub. It doesn’t help that she’s six feet tall and built like a beanpole with a shock of wild red hair. The one person keen to spend time with her, is “Eve,” a beautiful and forceful ghost, who starts making nightly appearances in Sophie’s bedroom. Eve needs her help. Sophie isn’t sure why or how—but she knows Eve won’t stop haunting her until she finds out. So with the unlikely help of brooding classmate Jordan Haig, Sophie sets out to unravel the mystery.


A special thank you to all of the wonderful writers who requested that I review your books. It is truly and honour. Thank you to those who take a little time out to read my little ramblings. And finally, a great big thanks to those who have encouraged and supported me through my novel writing journey. I wish you all the best in 2016 and look forward to sharing a little time with you all. Keep reading!!



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