The Rise of Peter Troy

peter troy

By: Joseph DiBartolo

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Zombies

The Blurb:

Life has always been an uphill battle for Peter Troy. His obsession for zombie films was the only thing that kept him company when times got tough. After losing his job as a butcher at the local market and getting dumped by his girlfriend, all in the same day, Peter tried to close himself off from the world. His efforts were thwarted when his obsession actually became a reality. Follow Peter on his journey to redemption as he struggles with his mixed feelings of excitement and regret. Will he be able to adapt and excel in a world now being overrun by the living dead? Or will he fail to succeed as he did when the world was normal?

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The Review:


I have never reviewed a short story before and don’t plan on doing any more in the future (with exception to the subsequent Peter Troy books), but am glad the I made an exception with DiBartolo’s.

Everyone has their guilty pleasures, whether it be sweets, crappy T.V. shows, or expensive manicures. Peter Troy’s is zombies. Now you may not think that is altogether odd seeing as many have jumped on this bandwagon since the airing of Walking Dead, but Peter takes his guilty pleasure to obsession status. He lives, eats, and breathes zombies to the point of losing his job and girlfriend. But what seems to be destroying his life, now becomes the source of saving himself and his new friends when a zombie outbreak reaches his hometown.

Peter Troy has become my little guilty pleasure! DiBartolo has created a fun suspenseful read balanced with just the right amount of humour. Being a short story, it is a quick read, but is engaging enough to satisfy and the cliff-hanger ending will have you typing into your address bar to look for the second part in the series before you know it!

Well done Joseph DiBartolo!

4.5 wings

About the Author:

dibartoloI’m a newly published author living in sunny South Florida. Besides being an avid reader I’m a huge film buff and sports fanatic. After years in various other lines of work I decided to try to do what I love, writing. The feeling of having something I’ve written published, and actually selling, is indescribable.

My first publication, A Timely Curse, is of the paranormal variety at novella length.

Essence (Battle for Blood,1), was voted BEST HORROR BOOK OF 2013 by the (YATR) Young Adults & Teen Readers.

My most recent The Rise of Peter Troy: The Decayed Ones is volume 1 of a short story series that is receiving spectacular reviews and was on the TOP 100 list on Amazon for Horror short stories.

(From Amazon)

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2 thoughts on “The Rise of Peter Troy

    1. Hey lady! Sales have slowed, but the reviews are still trickling in and great so far. YA Book Bound Tours is hosting a review request in April for me. Exciting, yet scary times! Hope you are well. I think of you often!


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