Interview with Author Regina O’Connell

I recently decided to start interviewing authors once a month and am so please to have Regina O’Connell as my first victim…ehem…subject. I met Regina via Twitter a while back. She has been a great source of encouragement to my own writing, making this an extra special first.

The Books: 

wrenI am special. My mother always told me this. My voice has power. From the moment I could, I sang. The songs I sang had power. That is how I came to be here in this small, gray cell. Now I am mute. I cannot sing or even talk. I try and there is nothing. I don’t know what they have given me or done to me for this to happen. Singing is magic. Singing makes things happen. It can change your way of thinking; it makes you smile, laugh or weep.
For some, like me, singing is life. For some, like me, singing brings death.

WiheThe magical journey continues and danger lurks around every corner. We find Wren, Grandmother and friends living in a hidden village high atop the trees. While making plans to save Wihe from the evil priest Nye, a deadly encounter forces them into a daring move. The forest holds amazing and devastating surprises for Wren that will change her life forever.


The Interview:

Regina, welcome to my blog. It’s a pleasure to have you.

“Thank you Julayn for the interview and opportunity to promote my books, Wren,(Book1) and Saving Wihe, (Book 2).”


When did you first begin writing?

 “I started writing when I was in grade school, mostly poetry. When I was in high school I wrote and illustrated children’s books, for children I knew and loved. I kept doing that after I married and had my own kids. They loved them!

My first published book, Wren, is a YA Fantasy that I wrote for my son. He was always telling me I needed to write a book and get it published. As I wrote Wren, I sent it to him chapter by chapter.”

That must have been exciting for you both.


Tell me a little about Wren, the main character of your books.

“Wren, my main character in both books, is a typical young girl except she is a witch. She sings and it is Magic. She is a little selfish and self absorbed but loves with her whole heart.”


What genre are your books and what attracted you to it?

“I have loved Fantasy since the day I picked up a book by Andre Norton. Her Witch World series captivated me. I do have eclectic taste in reading but Fantasy will always be my favourite.”


Is there anyone who inspires you to write?

“Who inspires me to write? My kids! They love my stories and constantly cheer me on. It means everything to me!”

I bet! It’s amazing how our children can inspire us to be so much more than we ever thought we could be.


What are your goals as a writer?

“Like all authors, my goal is to be a best seller! But as long as people enjoy what I write, I will keep going. I don’t write for the money, (good thing!), I write for the joy it brings me and hopefully the people who read my books.”

I know that my daughter and I certainly enjoyed Wren. My daughter has read it twice. And we’ll be grabbing our copy of Wren’s next journey in Saving Wihe!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule, and I wish you the best!

“Thanks so much for letting me tell you a little about myself and my books! Wren and Saving Wihe will be followed by a third and last in the series which is in the works but yet to be titled!”

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