Spotlight “Mad God Walking” by Connor Drexler 😍 Amazon Giveaway


By: Connor Drexler

Genre: Science Fiction

The Blurb:

Deep in the Sideways beyond human imagination lies the Night Hotel where madness reigns. Madness Damon longs to forget.

A stranger on earth and a refugee from a twisted Sideways world, Damon slowly builds a life in Brooklyn with his only friends, Thom and Sarah. Learning how to live as a human does not come easy to the being from the Sideways. Memories of the Night Hotel where he grew up, and his guardians—Aunt and Uncle, still haunt him. Despite his bitter childhood, Damon is determined to forget and become worthy of Sarah’s love and Thom’s friendship.

When his new life is threatened by an Inquisition of human wizards convinced Damon is the same Mad God once responsible for the Dark Ages, he is forced to use the sorcery of the Sideways to protect it and his friends. But each time he uses the addictive magic of his home, he loses a little more of his hard won humanity.

Can he save them all before he turns into the Mad God the Inquisition believes him to be?

About the Author:


Connor Drexler is a graduate of the University of Iowa, a fine wine salesman, avid adventurer and a fiction writer by way of Brooklyn. When not running around the subways carrying a bag full of wine he can be found table top gaming, singing late night karaoke and on one occasion calling up cthulhuist curses on his computer for not writing his novel for him. Connor is currently working on the sequel to his debut novel Mad God Walking and generally believes people should drink more Champagne.

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