“Serenade” by Heather McKenzie – Book Tour and Giveaway!

Nightmusic Trilogy Book 1
by Heather McKenzie
Genre: YA Romance, Thriller, Suspense

Kidnapped and held hostage in the Rockies, a teenage heiress falls for her

abductor while her corrupt father and devoted bodyguard fight to get

her back. The discovery of true love and dark family secrets turns

deadly in this epic coming of age adventure.

Kaya Lowen dreams of living like a normal eighteen-year old, but being

heiress to a billion-dollar company has put her life in constant

danger. Fiercely guarded by her powerful and corrupt father, she

develops close bonds with those who protect her, especially Oliver –

a bodyguard who has proven his devotion to her time and again. He

wins her heart – until a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger

has her questioning everything she believes in. Haunted by true love

and reeling from a guilty conscience, Kaya’s world unravels when

she’s kidnapped. Held captive in a rugged wilderness fraught with

raging storms, mystical caves and deadly predators, Kaya’s father

scours the forest and her bodyguard fights to get her back. But, the

discovery of a dark family secret makes Kaya wonder if staying in the

arms of her blue-eyed abductor—a captivating stranger with dark

secrets of his own – is a safer place to be. At least, that’s what

her heart is telling her, her head is saying run…

An epic adventure centered on a smoldering love-triangle, Serenade sings

a timeless tale of courage, self-discovery, and life-or-death love

that will leave you breathless.


Heather McKenzie is the Canadian author of Serenade, book one of The

Nightmusic Trilogy. Also a professional singer/songwriter with five

albums to date, she has been telling stories through music for years

and pulls from her extraordinary experiences as a musician to fuel

her passion for creating Young Adult fiction. A rocker at heart, a

mom of three, an aspiring painter and a lover of animals, she is kept

grounded by her husband at their home in Edmonton.



Listen to a sample

of Heather’s songs HERE!

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