Now Available on NetGalley!

Attention book reviewers! 


I’m pretty sure most book reviewers know about NetGalley. For those of you who aren’t familiar, NetGalley is like a free bookstore for reviewers. They have a library of books available in every genre you can think of. Authors and publishers make them available on the site for reviewers to request a copy. It’s popular with both the big publishing companies and self published authors. As a reviewer, I love NetGalley. It gives me the opportunity to browse a plethora of books and request books that I choose without potential pressure from the author. As a writer, I love that I can add my book and be seen by reviewers who are interested in my book, rather than blindly approaching reviewers who are bombarded by requests and often just not interested.

Ok, so why all of this talk about NetGalley? Two reasons: Almana and Colors of Immortality. Both are available for request on NetGalley for a limited time. I had the privilege of reading and reviewing Colors, as I fondly refer to it, last year. If you missed the review, you can find it here. It was an Elite Award Winner and one of my favorite reads of the year. Book II, Shades of Death is out now, so it’s a perfect time to get caught up!

Almana, as you know, is my first novel in The Almana Series. I’ve decided to list it on NetGalley for two reasons. The first being that Book II, Visions, has just been released. The second reason is because it’s been re-edited professionally since it was listed before (hence the new cover and ISBN).


colors                              KDP small

Colors of Immortality NetGalley                 Almana on NetGalley



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