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Genre: YA, Post-Apocalyptic, Fantasy/Paranormal, Romance

The Blurb:

Hidden deep inside the forest, a community of people have created a safe haven despite the terror that lies not far from their border walls. World War III has destroyed most of the world population, and the ruthless dictator, Equis, is quickly gaining control over the majority of the U.S. population. Heaven has turned its back on humanity; the angels have deserted their posts and are awaiting the end – all but one. Through visions, Almana comes to believe that one last chance for the world’s redemption lies in a girl who lives in this small community. The only problem is the future of seventeen-year-old Alexa is grim, but without her, the end is imminent. Though Almana will be banished from her home until the world’s last day, she chooses to join Alexa in hopes of not only saving humanity, but heaven as well. Bound by a supernatural connection with Alexa and her family, Almana is gifted a new home. And despite the inability of angels being able to fall in love, Almana finds herself in a dilemma she hadn’t expected.

A story of friendship, romance, love, betrayal, hate, hope, and despair, Almana is the first of a three-part series.

What people are saying:

  • “A beautiful story of a very human angel on a mission and a girl who is destined to save the world. It is a story of love and duty, of good and evil, of war and the battle for peace. Beautifully written, this story is addictive and compelling. I could not put this wonderful book down once I started reading this. Loved the ending – in fact I adored every word. The author is one to watch and I cannot wait for the next installment of Almana.” –Renita D’Silva “A Mother’s Promise”
  • “This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I was thoroughly impressed. A well designed and written story with an apocalyptic theme, but done in a way that is not all gore and drama…A great book, ends with a well crafted cliffhanger and will surely make people seek to pick up the next by this author!” –Books and Stuff
  • “The author brings it all together with such skill and commitment, plunging you into their world whether you like it or not. You immediately feel for the characters, as Adams weaves her narrative skills, bringing plenty of heartfelt moments that wash over you… There are twists and turns, horror and heartbreak that Adams dishes out with consumate ease.” –Phil Price “Unknown”
  • “The story delves into many matters including love, jealousy, cliques, gossip, good vs. evil and the afterlife. It was an interesting read from start to finish. I cannot wait to read the next installment in the series” –Ac1745

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My Brother’s Name is Masen is a picture book written to help foster compassion in young children and raise awareness of Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). It is based on the real life relationship between my sons, Masen and Gavin, and is illustrated by Gavin himself! An encouraging story of love, friendship, and acceptance.

We’re all different and that’s what makes us special!

10% of all proceeds go to Autism Society of America or Autism Spectrum Australia.

At this time, My Brother’s Name is Masen is only available as an e-book and now paperback on Amazon.