Promote My Book Request

There is only so much time in the day, and certainly not enough time to read everything that comes my way. So, I have recently decided to help further assist promoting writers by hosting a monthly author interview (could also be a special highlight of your book with an excerpt or a guest post).

If your book does not qualify under the current Review Policy, then you are welcome to fill out the form below to request an interview/book highlight/guest post. Please be aware that, given the fact that I will only be hosting these once every two weeks, there may be a wait.

Adding a giveaway will draw more attention to your promotion. You can either gift a copy of your latest book or an Amazon gift card. Gift cards bring more traffic, which means more potential readers. I have personally had a tremendous amount of traffic/entries with only a $10 gift card. No need to spend a lot! I will host all giveaways via rafflecopter for 30 days and will contact you with the winner’s email to send their gift.

How else will I promote? A link to your blog post will be shared on my FB page and tweeted (with appropriate hashtags) every day for 14 days.

Although I hope to help many writers, I reserve the right to deny any request. I expect that this will be a rare occurrence, though. Please note that I do not promote erotica, sorry.