Review Policy

General Info

Please take note… I am currently NOT taking review requests in order to focus my attention more on completing Almana’s second book. With that being said, if you would like to request a review exchange with Almana, I’d be thrilled (especially high quality YA).

I prefer print ARC’s and finished copies (especially if you are based in Australia), but also accept mobi files, pdf, and audio files for audio books. If the requested book is part of a series I may request the prior book(s) as well in order to give the best review possible. If it is an audiobook, I may request a written copy. Audiobooks will have two reviews. One for the book itself and one on the reader’s performance.

If you would prefer to promote your book in another way, please visit my Promote My Book Request page.


I use a 5 wing rating similar to Goodreads and Amazon star ratings and give ½ wings as well. I am also introducing a new “Elite” rating for books that are my favourites either because I find them emotionally moving or I just really enjoy them immensely.

Please note that my ratings and reviews are my personal opinion. I’m an avid reader, not a literary critic.

Why I Review and What I Do With It

I love reading, and one of the ways that I chose a book to read is based on other reviewers opinions. I find reviews extremely helpful and hope that others will find my reviews helpful. I also enjoy helping authors promote their works of art!

All of my reviews are not only posted here on my blog, but on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter. If I rate a book with at least 3 wings, I will promote it on Twitter several times by adding a link to the review, with personal thoughts about the book, or even a quick quote from time to time. I always try to add a cover photo and hashtags to my tweets and will tag you so that you can share as well!

Why I May Reject Your Request

Most likely it’s because it doesn’t interest me. Neither one of us wants your book to get a poor review. With that being said, if I begin to read a book and am not enjoying it, I may choose to stop reading it. If that is the case, I will email you with a thanks and post a review without a rating. It will include a blurb about the book, state that I didn’t complete it and why, and try to give a few positive points about the book.

What Kind of Books I Review

I read and review all genres with a few limitations. I don’t read straight romance novels or erotica. Other than that, I’m pretty open!

I DO read self-published and indie authors with high quality writing. I love helping promote the little guys that deserve to be BIG!

I DON’T review short stories or poetry, sorry.


Please fill out the form below to submit your request.


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